Everything you need in all-in-one object

Simple for non techies people

myteepi is a connected device which allows in a very simple way to take care to what matters to you.

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Be warned when your Grandma didn’t wake up.

Be alerted if the heating system is out of order.

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Be alerted as soon the fire alarm ring.

Simple is beautiful. Say hello to myteepi.

Innovating in connected devices

You do not want to be equipped with an expensive and complicated alarm. With a complex installation and hidden costs like GSM network’s additional fees ?

Be free and stop looking for an alternative solution, myteepi is the solution for you.

A very simple-to-use device incorporating all the useful features to stay informed about your home. It’s design, autonomous, with his own network embedded et less cheaper than the major smart home systems on the market.

Works without Wifi, without internet, to use it just switch on…

myteepi preserve the intimity of your grandparents with a activity detector without any cam.

With this all-in-one device you can

Connect it to Any Smartphone

Because our goal was to build an very simple-to-use device for everyone, you can handle all the informations provided from myteepi with an old fashioned cell phone with SMS.
Of course, if you are comfortable in techs, you can also use the myteepi application which is available on the App Store and Play Store.

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Enjoy of the launch campaign and its special price

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